Anna Franceová

Although Anna was born and raised in Bratislava (Slovakia), where she lives also now, her life has always been intertwined with animals. 
Nature, forest, animals - are an endless source of her inspiration and admiration.
Creation and works reflects a deep love for them and everything,
what they can do hand over.

Throughout her childhood, early adulthood and in later years, Anna was drawing various animals in their natural habitat and life situations. In those times, she expressed herself only on paper with pencils, but later,
she also added charcoal and pens.
She has been gaining awards and honorable mentions in artistic competitions.

Later, Anna married and her time for drawing became more sparse, but she has always been supported by her husband Ľubomír, who is an avid falconer and a lover of nature. It was her husband, who gave her the idea to draw birds of prey, which Anna literally had in her own backyard and from the beginning they were her big love. These themes together with other animals became Anna’s specialization.

When she found time, while rearing her two children,
Anna also self-taught acrylic painting.

Frequent family walks in nature together with the birds of prey and dogs
or falconry meetings with hunting always have been Anna’s source of great motivation and inspiration.

Currently, Anna’s main themes count falconry, hunting, nature, portraits of birds of prey, horses, dogs and wild animals. She also takes commissions.

Her paintings are realistic and her favorite techniques include acrylic, oil, pastel and carbon-pencil drawing.

Expositions: Every year, Anna participates in expositions of ANV studio. 
Her paintings are annually selected into the regional or country-level of competition Výtvarné spektrum.
She contributes to many group expositions.
The paintings by Anna France are in private collections in Europe,
America and Asia. Anna painted a series of large-format paintings
with a falconry theme for the royal family in Qatar.

Many are also published in several books.